I've uninstalled APT due to A LOT of issues, but it seems that I can't install it again. Can someone please help me? I'm running Linux kali 3.12-kali1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.12.6-2kali1 (2014-01-06)

Chapter 2. Debian package management List of Debian package management tools. package. popcon. size. description. apt. V:875, I:999. … How to install MC(midnight commander tool) on Debian 8.3 A step-by-step guide with Video Tutorials, Commands, Screenshots, Questions, Discussion forums on How to install MC(midnight commander tool) on Debian 8.3 | LinuxHelp | Midnight Commander is a character-based directory browser and full-screen console file manager application which is a clone of Norton Commander wit Gnome - Debian Wiki

Install Java. Apache Kafka required Java to run. You must have java installed on your system. …

How to install wget on a Debian or Ubuntu Linux. The second last result indicate that the package name is wget. To install wget package use the following syntax: $ sudo apt-get install {package-name-here} OR directly run as root user: # apt-get install {package-name-here} For those new to Debian package management, add-apt-repository is a command line tool used for adding Personal Package Archive (PPA ) in Debian family Linux distributions. Install add-apt-repository on Debian 10/9 / Ubuntu 20.04/18.04/16.04 For a step by step install guide have a look into the Debian minimal install guide. On ARM devices check if there's an appropriate Armbian Buster (Debian 10) image available. After installing Armbian then use the armbian-config tool to install OMV in a single step with all performance and reliability tweaks included.

bash: netstat: command not found - Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Though not a Debian user, I would not mind betting that you have not connected to a Debian mirror outside of the install device. So apt get is searching the install medium for the program and when not found gives you the message. To fix this, as root, uncomment a SINGLE mirror in the relevant file. How to Install and Use NPM on Debian 9 Stretch. NPM or Node Package Manager is the same thing as APT to Debian. It is used to install, remove, update NodeJS packages. In this article, I will show you how to install and use NPM on Debian 9 Stretch. # apt-get install task-gnome-desktop Content The "GNOME Desktop" task is the combination of tasksel 's common desktop ( task-desktop ) and tasksel 's GNOME desktop ( task-gnome-desktop ) meta-packages. Jul 26, 2019 · MySQL, the world's most popular open-source relational database management system is not available in the default Debian's repositories. This tutorial, explains how to install and secure MySQL on Debian 10 from the MySQL Apt Repository. apt-get update. to update the apt package database and. apt-get upgrade. to install the latest updates (if there are any). 8 Debian 10 VMWare server image. This tutorial is available as ready to use virtual machine image in ovf/ova format that is compatible with VMWare and Virtualbox. The virtual machine image uses the following login details: Feb 13, 2019 · The following command will store the list of all installed packages on your Debian system to a file called packages_list.txt: sudo dpkg-query -f '${binary:Package} ' -W > packages_list.txt. Now that you have the list, you can install the same packages on your new server with: sudo xargs -a packages_list.txt apt install